Actron Air fault code

What To Do If You Get an Actron Air Fault Code

There’s nothing worse on a hot or cold day than when your air conditioner stops working. Luckily for you, most system pauses are nothing to be too concerned about. However, if your Actron Air has suddenly stopped working, it may need some attention. And if your thermostat is displaying an Actron Air fault code, you’ll need to take note. Check out our handy guide below on what to do if you suddenly get an Actron Air fault code on your thermostat. 

What to do if you get an Actron Air fault code
  1. First, make sure to note the Actron Air fault code to tell your technician. This is in case the next system reset doesn’t rectify the issue. 
  2. Reset the system. For instructions on how to reset your system safely, head to our article How to Reset Your Actron Air Conditioner. 
  3. Once reset, please take note of the temperature you have set it to and what zones you have turned on. 
  4. If your system pauses again and displays another Actron Air fault code, call us on 02 8883 2377. Let us know the fault code, the Actron Air system you have, the temperature you set it to, and how many zones were operating. We will try and determine what the problem may be over the phone, and if it requires a technician we will organise one to come out as soon as possible.  
  5. Do not try and repair the issue yourself. Air conditioners can be dangerous as they contain complex electrical wiring, and dangerous refigerants. If you continue to get an error, call a qualified technician. 
What do the Actron Air fault codes mean?

It’s essential to take note when you receive a fault code before you reset your system. If the system continues to display the fault code, you’ll need to speak to a qualified technician. The technician will understand the problem and discuss a course of action with you. 

E1 Outdoor coil sensor open or closed circuit

E2 Fault indoor coil out sensor

E3 Fault room sensor

E4 Fault indoor coil sensor

E5 Communication error between outdoor and indoor

E6 Fault Discharge temperature

E7 Fault outdoor coil sensor

E8 Fault outdoor discharge sensor

E9 High or Low Pressure/Phase error

The best prevention for faults is a good maintenance schedule

Proper maintenance of your system can help prevent issues, and prolong the life of your Actron Air system. Proper maintenance includes: 

  1. Regular at home cleaning of your system: For a checklist of how to maintain your system at home and prolong the life of your system, head to our handy At Home Maintenance Checklist here. 
  2. An annual maintenance service: For a list of what is included and why it is essential, head to our Service & Maintenance page here. At Arrow Air we provide an annual maintenance for many of our customers, with a handy reminder service each year so you have one less thing to worry about. 

Remember that even with the best maintenance, a system can break down. Don’t try to fix the issue yourself as it can be dangerous to you and your family. Give us a call on 02 8883 2377 and we will try and help you over the phone, or organise a technician to come to look at the problem as soon as we can. 

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