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4 Reasons We Love the Actron Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

At Arrow Air Conditioning, we have been installing air conditioning for over 25 years. We have worked with many brands over the years. But there is one brand that we have consistently worked with and are proud to recommend – Actron Air. The Actron ducted air conditioning systems are unique in the market. Locally made and owned, these systems work for the Australian climate and our hot, humid Summers. Find out why we recommend an Actron ducted air conditioning system for your home, and why we install them in our own.

Actron ducted air conditioning units are made in Australia for the Australian climate. 

Actron Air was established in 1984. They have been making air conditioning systems for the Australian home and office ever since. 

Actron Air systems come with Tru-Blue Technology. Tru-Blue Technology refers to a range of features custom-designed to deliver better comfort and more energy-efficient performance in the harsh Australian climate. 

One of these critical benefits is Complete Comfort Cover. Australia has one of the hottest, harshest climates globally, with temperatures often reaching 40 degrees Celsius and higher in the summer months. Your system is not always guaranteed to adequately cool your home at these high temperatures. But the Actron Air ducted air conditioning system is different. The Actron Air units are built for high heat. These units can withstand high heat up to 50 degrees Celcius and higher. While other leading international brands can struggle to cool at our high summer temps, Actron Air will keep you cool and comfortable when you need it to. Find out more here.

4 Reasons We Love the Actron Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
Actron Connect allows you to control your home air conditioning from anywhere, at anytime.
Actron continues to innovate with its smart controls and unique zoning options. 

As our homes continue to get smarter through intelligent devices, our air conditioning is no different. 

The air conditioning category has introduced new air conditioning controls to allow the owner to manage temperatures. Actron Air has launched new controls, including the beautiful Actron Que Controller, as well as the app Actron Connect that enables you to control temperatures right down to a single room – even if you aren’t at home. 

We recently wrote about a few cool things you can do with your Actron Que Controller – check it out here. 

4 Reasons We Love the Actron Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
Actron Air’s uniquely designed units are built for Australian backyards.
Actron ducted air conditioning has a unique design built for Australian homes 

Did you know that the way your outdoor unit discharges air can greatly affect your unit’s ability to cool? 

For a system to work effectively, it needs to release hot air. Most leading international brands have outdoor units that discharge air sideways. These units were designed to suit both homes and large apartment and office buildings that make up large global cities. These units can often be installed high on external walls or roofs. 

However, the Australian home is different. Homes built tightly together with fencing placed just centimetres away from external walls do not leave enough room for air conditioning units to adequately discharge. 

That’s why Actron Air created Vertical Discharge. The air is released vertically into the air instead of sideways into the fence. This eliminates the risk of hot air hitting the fence and creating a swirl of hot air that can overheat the system. As a result, vertical discharge allows the system to work better. 

4 Reasons We Love the Actron Ducted Air Conditioning Systems
Actron Air has a range of different options to suit any size home.
Actron ducted air conditioning has a large variety of options for both the home and office.

Actron Air is one of our favourite brands to work with as they have a wide array of beautiful-looking systems for any arrangement. Their standard ducted systems come in various sizes to suit any size of home or office. There are also many options such as split ducted systems, packaged units, low profile ducted systems, and more. That’s not to mention their range of split systems and cassettes to suit smaller rooms. 

Actron Air also has the largest dedicated HVAC research and development facility in the Southern Hemisphere. So we remain confident that any products that continue to launch will be built with the Australian home in mind. Not to mention that any repairs can be dealt with quicker thanks to their local manufacturing.

So what are you waiting for? If you have been considering getting an Actron ducted air conditioning system in your home, we don’t think you should hesitate. At Arrow Air, we don’t recommend brands we don’t believe in. Actron Air is the preferred brand that we put in our own homes, and we know you will love it too. 

As Actron Air Platinum Partners, Arrow Air offers the highest experience of service and expertise when it comes to the Actron system. Reach out to us for a quote, and you can be assured you will be in great hands. 

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