Commercial Air Conditioning Installation, Ventilation and Repairs

We specialise in the installation and maintenance of commercial air conditioning systems and mechanical ventilation

Experts in commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance and repairs.

At Arrow Air we understand the importance of having a comfortable and reliable air conditioning solution for your commercial premises.

Over 20 years we have worked across many commercial premises.  We offer a wide range of support and services for any applications a business may have. From server rooms to complete building refurbishments, to childcare and aged care facilities.

Air Conditioning Unit Replacement
Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Commercial air conditioning and ventilation can be complicated. Each job has its own complexities – from building compliance issues to the size and requirements of the premises. 

As Commercial premises can range in size, we leverage a wide array of technologically advanced systems designed to meet any challenge.  Our highly experienced staff will propose the right system and solutions for your needs.

Whether you are in early stages of the build, or you require install of an existing premise, we can install your air conditioning system with minimal disruption to those around you, and minimal impact on your business.

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

Commercial Air Conditioning Maintenance

To protect your investment and ensure a smooth-running system, it’s important to regularly service your commercial air conditioning system. 

Benefits of preventative maintenance are:

Typical Maintenance Tasks

A regular maintenance for your commercial air conditioning system includes:

Commercial air conditioning works harder and longer than residential air conditioning systems, so we recommend a consistent maintenance schedule of every 3-6 months.  A regular schedule can minimise complaints across the workspace. Let us work within your budget to provide immediate and long term reliable and effective results.

Commercial Air Conditioning

We are experts at installing and maintaining commercial air conditioning systems across Sydney

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