Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

We design sophisticated ducted air conditioning solutions for the Sydney home and office

Sales and installation of Actron Air ducted and Daikin ducted air conditioning systems

With our extreme heat and cool winters, ducted air conditioning systems are a popular choice in Sydney. They can efficiently cool and heat the entire home or office to your specifications. Flexible ductwork runs through the walls and ceiling of your home, dispensing temperature-controlled air from a central unit into individual rooms. Installing a ducted air conditioning system means you can enjoy comfort throughout your home at the simple touch of a button, all year round.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

A high performing, whole home solution

Not only is ducted air conditioning a great solution to control the temperature of your entire home, it can be customised by room. Zoning solutions such as Actron’s Tru-Zone Technology allow you to set the temperature of each room individually. This can ensure that every room has all year-round heating and cooling. 

Ducted air conditioning is also the quietest of all air conditioning options. The ability to control air to each room also makes this an energy efficient option. 

Beautiful design that fits right in your home

Unlike split systems, ducted systems don’t require wall mounted units. Only grills or diffusers are mounted in ceiling or floor. This means that vents can be strategically placed to compliment your home design. With many different options on the market there are plenty of ways to make the system work in your home.  Head to our blog to find our more about what’s involved in a ducted air conditioning installation here. 

Sophisticated controls and access from anywhere

There are a range of sophisticated options to help you control the temperature in your home, no matter where you are.  Perfect for the homeowner wanting a connected home. Want a system that you can turn on when you are on your way home from work? No problems, we can provide a smart connected solution. 

Head to our blog to find out more about the cool things you can do with today’s sophisticated smart air conditioning controls.

Ducted Air Conditioning Installation

There are many systems available only the market – from inverters to three phase. We can help you find the right solution to fit your lifestyle, your home and your needs. Get in touch today.

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