Air Conditioning Unit Replacement

We provide fast, expert unit replacements for ducted and split system air conditioners

Upgrade your system with a new Actron or Daikin air conditioning unit. We provide air conditioning unit replacement to boost performance and save dollars on energy bills

Is your air conditioning unit over 7 years old? You may be due for an air conditioning unit upgrade.

Ducted air conditioning technology has come a long way from a decade ago. Today’s units provide greater energy efficiency, quieter working operations and a more consistent and reliable temperate and air flow. Not to mention more sophisticated controls for connected homes.

There are plenty of benefits to upgrading your air conditioner:

Increase energy efficiency and precision

Fixed speed compressors from previous generation have been replaced with smarter inverter driven compressors which drastically reduce power consumption. They also provide better performance, with more precise temperatures and consistent air flow.

A new unit replacement will also have an instant impact on your energy bill. A ducted air conditioning unit will make up on average 40% of a regular energy bill. Recent tests indicate that older models can be up to 25% less energy efficient as newer models. So by making the switch, you could reduce your energy bill by up to 10-20% instantly. 

Reduce your Air Conditioners noise

A noisy air conditioning unit can often make for irritable neighbours. While there are options to mimimise the noise your unit emits, if your unit is old the best option may be a replacement. Older units tend to have a louder operating sound than new models. An upgrade might just be the present your neighbours have been seeking. 

Guaranteed manufacturers warranty

All new systems come with a 5 year manufacturers warranty. But if your unit is over 5 years old, it will no longer be covered under warranty. As the unit starts to age, problems can arise, resulting in costly repairs no longer covered by warranty. Replacing your unit will kick-start a new warranty and safeguard you for the next 5 years. Plus you’ll have a brand new unit with less likely complications.

Upgrade to newer technology and better performance

Gone are the days of simple thermostats with four buttons and standard zoning options. Today’s systems allow complete air conditioning control for every single room. They can be accessed remotely on your phone, and can be controlled on any device. A new unit update can give your home an instant technology update, and a bit of extra street cred. 

Increase energy efficiency and precision
Air Conditioning Unit Replacement
Guaranteed manufacturers warranty
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Think you may need a new unit, but aren’t quite sure?

If your unit is displaying any of these signs it might be time for a professional to diagnose it.

  1. Is your unit blowing hot or cold air which doesn’t align with the temperature you set? 
  2. Is your unit not flowing air as well as it used to?
  3. Is your air con unit emitting strange noises or strange smells?
  4. Does your unit seem to produce excess moisture or even leak?
  5. Is your unit suddenly switching off without finishing the cycle (short cycling)? 
  6. Does it seem like your energy bill has increased? 
  7. Does your unit require frequent repairs? 
  8. Is your unit out of warranty?

If you detect any of these issues, it is time to call in a pro. Give us a call, and we can come out to your home, and assess whether it is time for an upgrade.

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