Actron Air Platinum Plus Dealers

Supply and installation of Actron Air split system and reverse cycle ducted air conditioners. Actron Air service and support.

Actron Air are Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioning manufacturer. Actron Air design and build products specifically to perform better in Australian climates.  They keep operating in hotter conditions, been developed to suit Australian homes, and can provide more powerful comfort in extreme heat. 

That’s why they are perfect for the Sydney home with its hot gruelling summers and warm nights.

Multiple Options

Actron has a range of options to customise your home or office system. Such as their award-winning Actron Que controller which, in conjunction with the Platinum QUE air conditioner, can help you control individual zone temperatures from anywhere.

Or their innovative Actron zone controller options powered by TrueZone Technology. There are plenty of sophisticated options for the modern Australian home.

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