What to do if your Actron Air Run Light is Flashing

What to do if your Actron Air Run Light is Flashing

Air Conditioners are sophisticated pieces of technology, with the ability to cool and heat your home with the touch of a button. But just like any technology, it can sometimes break down or misfire. One of the most common concerns we hear is the Actron Air run light or power light flashing and the system not starting. But do not worry, in most cases it isn’t a reason for concern. Follow our quick troubleshooting tips to see if there is something serious going on.

What Causes the Actron Air Run Light to Flash?

There are several reasons why your system might be flashing:

  1. There has been an electrical surge. Air Conditioning units are susceptible to surges and revert to self-protection mode when triggered. If you have had a recent electrical storm or another reason for the electricity to fluctuate, this is likely the cause.
  2. It might be your settings. In some cases, your system will shut down if your settings are on unusually high or cool settings. Also, if you have a multi-split systems and have set one unit to cool and the other to heat this can also have the same effect.
  3. Something is wrong with the unit itself. In these cases, you will need to send out an expert.

Before you call the Experts, Try Troubleshooting at Home First

As with any technology, the first and best course of action is to give it a restart. This should be able to test if there is indeed something more serious going on

Locate the switch on your electrical isolator and turn it off for at least 30 seconds before switching it back on. This will allow the system to reset and, in most cases, this can resolve the issue. The electrical isolator switch is located next to the outdoor unit. For older systems, the circuit breaker is located in the electrical meter box.

Please also refer to your Actron Air manual for support.

If Symptoms Persist, Give Us a Call

If you have tried to reboot the system a few times and still get a flashing light, it is time to call. We may be able to troubleshoot with you on the phone and get your system working again. If this doesn’t resolve, we can book a technician to attend to your system over the phone.

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